3 Exhaust Failure Signs You Should Be Aware Of

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November 3, 2020
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A car’s exhaust system health is important and it should never be underestimated. As a car owner, it is vital to understand the importance of exhaust system failure symptoms.  You don’t have to be a mechanic to know all this. Knowing how your car exhaust system works, its failure symptoms, you can easily save yourself from costly repairs and have it fixed with the help of reliable Mechanic Clayton, IWIM Motors. To ensure your car perform well in the long run, invest in car service Clayton and ride without unease.

Before you think about the failure symptoms of your exhaust system, it’s important to know how the system works. An exhaust system handles collecting the harmful engine gases from the engine cylinder. It releases the harmful gases from the engine into the atmosphere while increasing the vehicle performance and reducing engine noise. Since it lies underneath, it is regularly exposed to salt, dirt, debris, and grime.

Decreased Fuel Efficiency

If your car’s exhaust leaks, it will impact the pressure in the exhaust system, reducing the fuel economy and leading to higher emissions. A leak develops in the exhaust close to the engine; this can have a big impact on fuel economy and could lead to fuel wastage.

Sudden Vibrations

If your vehicle starts to vibrate while driving, then it may be due to an exhaust leak. You’ll need to check your exhaust system to see whether anything is clogging the system. A bit of rust in the piping or heavy grime buildup can also be the reason. So, the mechanic has to inspect the components and determine whether they need a replacement.

Loud Noises

If there is an exhaust leak in between the exhaust manifold or anywhere between the joints, the first thing you’ll notice is the noise coming from the system. The exhaust system is supposed to keep the engine noise down, but when there is a leak, it will cause loud rumblings where it increases the engine volume and allow the harmful fumes to enter the passenger cabin putting you in risk.

To ensure your exhaust system is safe and sound without any issues, bring your vehicle to IWIM Motors. For car service Clayton and other car maintenance services, call 9547 5339.

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