Is Logbook Servicing Necessary?

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December 10, 2020
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Logbook Service

Just like car service, getting a logbook service is as important as it benefits you in many ways. Vehicle manufacturers keep specifying the importance of log book servicing where people thinks it’s unnecessary. A logbook service is a foreseeing approach for car maintenance where you can manage your regular car services and small fixes correctly. If ever you want to sell your car, having a logbook summary will help earn a better resale value. By staying on top with a logbook service schedule will help claim your warranty if anything goes wrong with your car during that period. You don’t have to go to a dealer for logbook service; any authorized car mechanic can be able to provide you. If you think about why it is important to have a logbook service, we have three main reasons to look at. Let’s dive in.


If any mishap occurs during the warranty period, whether it’s your fault or not when you claim, you will need to prove that you have maintained your logbook servicing. If you fail to maintain the small fixes and maintenance as per the logbook, your vehicle manufacturer or dealer can refuse to repair your vehicle and your warranty becomes void.

Better Resale Value

When you sell your car with a properly completed logbook, chances it will get a better price. Also, when you maintain a logbook service summary, it adds value to your car at the time of selling and any prospective buyer who acknowledges it will be sure to buy it. Maintaining a logbook record will make your car selling easier and will prove that you have maintained the vehicle efficiently.

Prevents You From Costly Repairs

When your logbook shows a proper record of car services including minor to major fixes, it helps the mechanics to identify the underlying issues, so you will be able to sort it before it becomes a serious threat.

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