It’s Summer & Time For Your Brake Check-up

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November 3, 2020
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When it comes to your overall vehicle safety, your brake system is the most important part to consider. Brakes should be under control and you should never start your ride with a bad brake system. It can be dangerous.Plus, summer is right here, so it is a great time to make sure your brakes are ready for those summer road trips.So, it is best to have your brake system inspected thoroughly during this summer. As the temperature soars high, you should have an expert to look for pad wear, leaks, and worn or scratched brake disc and avoid any unexpected situations. You can call mechanic Clayton , IWIM Motors for diagnosis. Let’s get started.

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Worn-out Brake Pads

Generally, brake pads need replacing every 20,000 to 40,000 miles. Over time, brake pads get worn out; it’s a must to check owner’s manual for manufacturer recommendations on brake replacement.

Resurfacing The Brake Rotors

Your brake rotors deteriorate every time brake is applied. The probability of the wear may depend on various factors like the type of brake pads, the quality of the castings, driving style, and exposure to moisture and salt or pitted from corrosion or rust. So, resurfacing the rotors will help remove rust from the surface and can be smooth and even again.

Brake Fluid Checks

Brake fluid is vital for the hydraulic brake system. Over time, dirt and other contaminants in the fluid can worsen the braking system and impact its functionality. So, ensure to check the brake fluid at every oil change. When the brake fluid level is low, it can trigger the brake light to turn on, and it also leads to no stopping while you apply the brake.

Squealing Sounds

Do you often hear high-pitched squealing while driving? Perhaps, it might be the sound of cheap and worn-out brake pads. As the pads wear down and get thinner, the brake wear indicators scratch the rotors and produce a squealing sound. It is another alarming sign that you should inspect your brake system.

It is good to have your brake system thoroughly inspection before starting. If you see or hear any signs of brake wear, get your braking system inspected immediately by a certified expert from IWIM Motors. For appointments, call 9547 5339.

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