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IWIM Motors - Bosch Car Service
(03) 9547 5339

Your vehicle transmission system is one of the crucial systems that need attention. It plays a huge role in your car’s ability to operate. It has many small components, which carries the engine power to drive and makes the engine rotate at different speeds. The transmission system can be a little complicated to resolve it on your own. This is where we step in.

IWIM Motors has been providing transmission services to customers across Clayton and its nearby areas. Our mechanics will check your transmission system from top to bottom to determine whether your system needs any replacement.

If your transmission system is troubling you with symptoms like a severe grinding noise, clunking, or shifting delays, you should know that your transmission system is in bad condition. Our technicians at IWIM Motors will diagnose the vehicle and perform a transmission fluid flush to make the vehicle run smoothly and efficiently.

Your vehicle transmission system is an intricate component made of gears and sensors that acts as a mediator between your vehicle’s engine and wheels. It ensures that the energy provided by the engine travels is smoothly transferred for the safe and controlled drive. During this process, a lot of heat is produced and the transmission fluid manages to reduce the heat levels for the smooth process. However, over time, the fluid gets used up making the components suffer, and that is when you need transmission service.

What Do We Do?

  • Complete diagnosis of your transmission system
  • Remove the old fluid from the system
  • Perform a flush up to clear any residue
  • Introduce fresh and quality transmission fluid
  • Check for any worn-out components
  • Full transmission system replacement

We only use premium branded fluids for installations and also, when selecting transmission fluid, one must be careful in choosing the right fluid that suits their transmission system. Otherwise, the additives present in the fluid can bring problems in the functioning of your vehicle. This is why getting a transmission service from us would be helpful.Need for a transmission repair service? Call our professionals from IWIM Motors at 03 9547 5339 today.

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IWIM Motors - Bosch Car Service
in Clayton South, Vic
(03) 9547 5339

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