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IWIM Motors - Bosch Car Service
(03) 9547 5339

Here at IWIM Motors we have a team of experts ready to handle all your car battery needs, including car battery replacement and diagnostics.

Wondering if there is something wrong with your car battery? Signs that your car needs a car battery service can include:

  • Requiring a car jump start on multiple occasions.
  • Your car isn’t starting the first time you turn the key.
  • The lights in your car are extremely dim or won’t turn on.

These are only some of the many issues driver’s experience when their car battery needs a check. Our team at IWIM Motors are equipped with the best quality equipment and tools to perform a diagnostic health test on your car battery.

We Are Car Battery Replacement Experts

Your safety is our top priority, which is why we will only ever fit your car with a battery that is Bosch approved and suitable for your car’s make and model.

The health of your car battery does depend on how well your car has been looked after. Despite this, most cars will require a battery replacement somewhere between two to five years after getting a new car battery.

Even if you’ve taken the best care possible of your car, there is always a chance that your car will need it’s battery replaced before this time. Using the latest diagnostic technology and equipment available we will be able to come to a recommendation as to whether a battery replacement or service is better for your car.

Trust Our Professional Mechanics For Your Next Car Battery Service

We’re committed to bringing perfection to each and every job so you can drive away knowing that your car battery is in the best possible condition. Don’t wait for your car battery to give out while you’re on the go, book in today for a car battery service with our expert team of mechanics at IWIM Motors. Simply call us on 03 9547 5339 or fill in our online contact form.

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IWIM Motors - Bosch Car Service
in Clayton South, Vic
(03) 9547 5339

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