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IWIM Motors - Bosch Car Service
(03) 9547 5339

Your vehicle’s exhaust system is responsible for keeping away toxic fumes from the car and helps the engine to perform well. So, keeping your exhaust pipe in a good condition will benefit you in many ways.  It also aids in fuel efficiency and helps the engine stay out of the built-up fumes, which in turn saves the engine from unwanted contamination.  At IWIM Motors, we have been providing exhaust repairs and inspection services for customers across Clayton and its nearby areas.

Our mechanics inspect your exhaust system to determine the issue and fix it in no time. We also advise you not to undertake any DIY jobs.  That being said, your vehicle’s exhaust system is a complicated one and all its components like the catalytic converter, resonator, and the muffler should be handled by professional mechanics.

For example, a muffler helps to release the toxic gases silently through the vault. It also helps the engine from back pressure and reduces the noise levels. A muffler may face wear and tear over time and contaminated gases. Only a pro mechanic from our team will know what it takes to resolve and fix it in a short time.

When the built-in fumes stay in the exhaust pipe for a long time, it damages your engine’s performance. Then symptoms like loud noises, vibration, and loss of power would occur. If your vehicle is showing any of these symptoms, it is advisable to bring your vehicle to our shop for an exhaust inspection.

No matter what we do, we always aim for the safety of our customers. This is why we only stock branded components for replacements that we trust. We have handled numerous exhaust repairs and fitted exhausts for our customers. When you come to us, you can get the superior quality service with the price you appreciate.

If your exhaust system troubles you, you can get it fixed with our exhaust inspection. For more details, call 03 9547 5339 today.

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IWIM Motors - Bosch Car Service
in Clayton South, Vic
(03) 9547 5339

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