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IWIM Motors - Bosch Car Service
(03) 9547 5339

As a resident of Clarinda, IWIM Motors is the place to go for premium car repairs and car services. We have a team of skilled and highly experienced car mechanics who can get your car back on the road not only fast but also running smoothly than before.

When you schedule a car service with us, our dedicated mechanics will thoroughly inspect your vehicle to ensure we leave no detail behind. We understand that getting your vehicle repaired can be a hassle. Therefore, we seek to make the entire process efficient and convenient. Most car repair companies today lack efficient customer service, but with us, it is our focus. As we repair your vehicle, we will keep updating you about every step we take and give you a chance to air your views. We always aim to get our customers back on the road fast, and as satisfied vehicle owners.

Our Car Repair & Car Services

If you are searching for a Bosch car service, we can meet your needs. Bosch is the premier original equipment supplier for vehicles of all makes and models. Our certified and licensed car mechanics have acquired decades of experience in offering any car service and repair, no matter the make, model, or age of the car. We offer quality car service that can keep your manufacturer’s warranty intact. We offer obstructive maintenance service for all vehicle models at factory scheduled intervals.

Battery replacement

Car batteries give a warning of their impending death with signs such as starting problems or dim headlights. If you ignore these signs, you might find yourself in a frustrating state. We have affordable and durable batteries. Our car mechanics can check your vehicle’s power supply and replace the battery if necessary.

Tires and wheel alignment

If your car pulls on one side and you notice uneven tire wear, it requires a wheel alignment. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we can realign your tires effectively. We also have high-quality tires for high-performance vehicles like trucks, SUVs, and sports cars and sell them at pocket-friendly prices. We offer services such as tire fitting, flat tire repairs, and wheel rotation. Our auto technicians can also advise you about the right set of tires to choose from.

Some of our other car services include:

  • Suspension and power steering repair
  • Regular oil change service
  • Premium brake service & repairs
  • Clutch replacement & repairs
  • Auto electrical services

When you need car services in Clarinda, you can rely on IWIM Motors. We can service or repair your vehicle to keep it in top condition. We know you have high expectations, and since we are a reliable auto repair shop, we are ready to fulfil those standards every time. Call us at 03 9547 5339 for more information.


IWIM Motors - Bosch Car Service
in Clayton South, Vic
(03) 9547 5339

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