What We Can Do For You



The engine is the heart of a vehicle, so it's a must that it stays healthy. We service, repair or remove and replace your engine if any problems happens to occur. If you are purchasing a vehicle we also inspect and diagnose the engine for any problems.



The transmission is a bunch of gears connected to the engine to deliver power to the wheels, therefore it is just as vital have a well functioning transmission for a healthy motor vehicle. Unfortunatly transmissions commonly fail but we are here to service, repair and replace yours if it does.



A bad exhaust can damage your engine, but more importantly damage you or your families health. Exhaust leaks are noisey and harmful. You can also be fined for having a faulty exhaust so if you need repaire come to us. We can also custom make exhausts to suit your requirement.



As a safety requirement, your car's suspension should be top priority to be functioning at it's best. We service suspensions and also check your suspension during car servicing. Bad suspensions can lead to nasty accidents so come to us and get it checked out.



Modern cars have complicated computers to manage the vehicle. If your car is showing up with problems that you're not quite sure on what it is, we can use industry standard tools and devices to run a front to back bumper to bumper diagnostic to find issues that you may or may not know about.



There are major and minor electrical faults that can occur on your motor vehicle, but both can cause headaches and complications that just gets worse. We are professionals that can fix those electrical faults effectively not just temporarily leaving you with satisfaction and a piece of mind.



Brakes are a necessity to keep you, your family and other passengers safe traveling in your car. Brakes eventually wear out, not just the pads but the disc rotors aswell. To insure that your car stops effectively we check brakes on every service and inspection.



The clutch wears out like brakes and tires. When it's totally worn, your transmission won't be able to engage it's gears leaving you with a immobile car. If your clutch is showing signs of age and wear let us replace it for you before it cause damage to the flywheel or other components.



Whether you are purchasing a new car or your current motor is not acting the way it should, let us carry out a bumper to bumper inspection to find issues and how your car should perform. We do this at a very affordable price but please book in advanced, thank you!


Repairs & Services

IWIM Motors have a renown history in servicing and repairing european, japanese and domestic vehicles. We will source the best parts for you and completely transparent in communication about what we do. The best part about it is you will get a great price also.



Need a Victorian Roadworthy for your vehicle? Look now further. We are one of the most popular workshops in the local community for a roadworthy certificate so please book in advanced, we will look after you.